Birdbox CrossFit Preferred Course - Birdbox Coaching Development
“There is only so much technical coaching you can do before you run out of technical coaching.
Then you have to develop a relationship.”
BIRDBOX mentor team: Justin Holly


Study at your own pace.

Study at your own pace anywhere, anytime. Work through your coaching development process with a professional, integrated, responsive online learning platform.

Our platform is web based and can be accessed anytime, anywhere on any device.

University level of learning: no entry barriers.

BIRDBOX coaching development provides you with usable academic references throughout the learning system. It will help you understand the deep side of your craft and help guide you to become a more effective, self aware coach.

Access to mentorship: with some of the industry’s best coaches.

You can either complete the BIRDBOX coaching development platform alone or beside one of our elite, experienced coaching mentors. We have mentors from a diverse range of coaching backgrounds to help suit you best.

Continuing Education Units

Receive 28 CEU’s towards your CrossFit education points.

Study Topics

Discovery & Self – Awareness.

Coaches are blissfully unaware of their own actions and behaviours, athletes are better perceivers of a coach’s actual actions. (Jowett & Lavallee, 2007). We will increase your personal perceptions.

Reflection as a Skill.

We will teach you to use reflective practice systematically and effectively. You will learn this as a tool throughout your learning process.

The Coach-Athlete Relationship.

We will define the coach-athlete relationship. We will increase your understanding of it and how to better your own.


Leadership will be defined, studied then applied. What type of leader/coach are you? How can you best improve your behaviours to become a greater coach?

Coaching with Conflict.

We will identify various forms of conflict you may face as a coach. We will outline key psychological skills you can train. Providing you with an approach to deal with conflict.

Coaching Motivation.

Are you motivational? What makes you motivational? We will build your academic understanding of motivation and how to become more of an effective motivational coach.

Arousal, Stress & Anxiety.

We want you to understand the process of coaching an athlete to an optimum performance. Defining and understanding the state of which an athlete best performs at.


We will outline different types of communication. Providing skills training to better improve your communication in coaching practice.

Dependence, Independence & Interdependence.

How much do your athletes depend on you? We as coaches with morals and values should be striving to build athletes that can become proficient in their training.

Applicable Coaching Models.

Through all the topics we will study, specifically the coach-athlete relationship, We will outline some major coaching models which you can use in your own coaching practice. These will be tools to make you a more effective coach.


We will define burnout. What it is, how to identify it and avoid it. More importantly how to work with someone who has had burnout.

Psychological Skills Training

We will take a more in-depth look into interventions that you, as a coach, can use to help develop your athlete and your service to them.


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